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Remembering My Letters To Santa

I grew up believing in Santa. I used to think that he has all these powers and magic and spells that he could travel the world as fast as a…

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How’s Your 2015 New Year’s Resolutions?

I’m not one who makes resolutions year after year only to not fulfil them and get very disappointed in the end. I have done that a countless of times and…

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Midterm Exams Week

It’s my daughter’s first midterm exams and I’m the one who’s very antsy about it. I asked how her test was yesterday and she said it was fine. I remember…

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Re-Integrating To Philippine Society

I grew up in the Philippines. I only moved in Dubai when I was 27 years old so few years from now, I will be spending more than 2 decades here…

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I’m A Worried Mother

 I am a mother. I go crazy and sick worried over the slightest things. I go crazier and  more sick worried especially if my only daughter is not by my…

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Empowering Myself

  I have been getting a bit demotivated lately in so many aspects in my life. My career is not going anywhere, my daughter is going to college in the Philippines,…

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A Mother’s Heart

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I think I shouldn’t because it makes me very emotional and sentimental that I can’t help being objective on certain situations and events…

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