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Stop the Hypocrisy!

I show no mercy to people who are hypocrites or in layman’s term, “plastic!” I wonder why there is such a characteristic as vile as being pretentious and all.  Is…

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I am glad to leave 2016 behind. A lot of painful stuff happened to my family last year and my faith and resolve had been tested as early as the…

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Rushing to Graduate

I have failed to change my daughter’s mind to “not” take summer class, rather, spend her time here in Dubai with us. I mean, it’s not bad to ask for…

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Picking Yourself Up

I was inspired by the ‘So You Think You Can Dance, Next Generation’ to write this post. I was just watching those super talented kids pour their hearts out on…

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Happy But Not Happy

Ok, that might be an oxymoron. Either I am happy or not happy. Which one is it? I told myself not to entertain negative thoughts nor emotions and I have…

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In a Pickle

Life’s full of tough choices; too tough that I have been having migraines, emotional and mental stress about the choices I have to make. It’s about my career and the…

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Back-To-Back Rejections

Rejections are never easy, especially when you are on the receiving end. And to make matters worse, like a nail being hammered down, it becomes more painful when you are…

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