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Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Music

Music is a universal thing and it crosses beyond culture, race, and age. Music is a good way to help kids appreciate arts and expression. And if you have kids…

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Guitar Center In Arlington

Are you new in Arlington, Texas? Do you love guitars? If you’re a guitar aficionado and it is important for you to know where to get things about guitars then…

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Luna Gypsy Spalt Guitar For Christmas

Any guitar lovers out there will surely appreciate the Luna guitar as a Christmas gift this coming holiday season. Why not? It’s a beautiful guitar. It looks sleek, classy, and…

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Musical Instrument Deals Online

It’s still a long way until Christmas but it’s also wise to check out some online deals to grab those musical instruments you’ve been dreaming about. It’s certainly not difficult…

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Musical Instrument Stand For The Music Lovers

A music lower will definitely know how to care for his/her musical instruments because to the musician, those are his/her precious belongings just like how we would take care of…

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Dream Christmas Gift

My daughter has been bugging me about keyboards lately. It’s not the computer peripheral but the musical instrument. She wanted to learn how to play the piano. I told she…

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5 Things You Don’t Know About The Marimba

  Whenever I hear the word “marimba,” I always think of a xylophone only a marimba is something I would call as a “xylophone on steroid.” Why is that? Well,…

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