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Musical Instrument Deals Online

It’s still a long way until Christmas but it’s also wise to check out some online deals to grab those musical instruments you’ve been dreaming about. It’s certainly not difficult…

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Awesome Musical Dreams

Why did I not focus on learning how to strum a guitar nor play a drum set or just sing my heart out? It would have been nice to stand…

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Musical Instrument Stand For The Music Lovers

A music lower will definitely know how to care for his/her musical instruments because to the musician, those are his/her precious belongings just like how we would take care of…

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Great Guitar Sound With Hughes And Kettner Tubemeister 18

Do you want to make your guitar strumming experience very soulful and rich? Then you have to play your guitar with the right accessories such as the hughes and kettner…

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New Headphones For The Princess

My daughter is such a collector of headphones and earbuds! I already lost count of her headphones and earbuds since she got hooked to J-Pop. Last year, she received Beats…

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Music Stores In Dubai Festival City

We spent the weekend at Crowne Plaza Hotel Dubai Festival City over the weekend last 14-15 March which also coincided to my 42nd birthday (15th). It was a lovely weekend,…

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5 Things You Don’t Know About The Marimba

  Whenever I hear the word “marimba,” I always think of a xylophone only a marimba is something I would call as a “xylophone on steroid.” Why is that? Well,…

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