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Christmas Budget

Wow! This Christmas season has a heftier price tag than last year.  We will be spending the holidays back in the Philippines for 2 weeks (for my husband and I…

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General House Cleaning

How much stuff can our house ever hold? I mean, I just dumped items untouched for the last 12 months and donated old clothes and even sent a big box…

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In Need Of A New Sofa Cushion

We haven’t replaced our sofa yet since we moved in this flat 8 years ago. We have planning buying a new sofa but kept delaying it thinking we could make…

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Replacement For Sofa And Cushions

Our sofa has been with us for several years now. Although you cannot see the wear and tear condition as they are all hidden from the prying eyes of people,…

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Building And Maintenance Tools For The Flat

The flat we live in seriously needs overhauling! We have been living  in this place for the last 7 years. And mind you, this building was newly constructed when we…

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I’m Back In The Grind

Well, the short emergency/compassionate leave is over. I am feeling sad right now to leave my family and friends behind. I’m not sure when I will get over this feeling…

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