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Empty Nesters

Empty nesters. I thought we wouldn’t reach this status until we are in our mid or late 50s. But here we are, facing day by day without our daughter here in Dubai.

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I am glad to leave 2016 behind. A lot of painful stuff happened to my family last year and my faith and resolve had been tested as early as the…

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No Updates

I’ve been very busy with work and other stuff so I didn’t pay much attention to this mommy blog of mine. I’ve been down with a flu too for several…

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Super Busy Mode

Whoa! I didn’t realise that I haven’t written anything here for several weeks now. I just got a bit busy here and there and have been focused on my other…

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My Kind Of Introvert

I have been relieved for admitting my inner introvert that I have been trying to hide for so long. And now that it’s all out, I feel free! I feel…

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Back To Reality

Well, vacation always come short. It is even shorter when you’re having fun with you family. Anyway, one has to face reality because if one does not, then there is…

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The Procrastinator

The Procrastinator – that should be my new monicker. I am in my all-time high in procrastination. My daughter and mum-in-law were in Dubai for several months. I just had…

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