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When Depression and Separation Anxiety Set In

I think I am overthinking my daughter’s impending trip back home for her collegiate studies. I haven’t been able to function really well at home. I haven’t been blogging and…

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My Daughter’s JS Prom

I am a stage-mom! I won’t even deny it. I can’t help it. I guess, I am more excited than my daughter. It is very obvious. Who would buy her…

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The Perfect Graduation Gift

What could be the perfect graduation gift to give my daughter? A mobile phone? No, she has that already. How about a trip somewhere? Not even. We had the Tokyo…

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Happy 16th Birthday My Darling Princess

My dear baby girl A, Time flies and it flew quite fast for you my daughter. I remember the time when you were just a wee girl, playing with Bratz…

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Rilakkuma Overload!

The vacation is over and we’re back home. We wished it was longer but reality bites so here we are again. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed and we are planning to…

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Young Love – Most Parents’ Woe About Their Teen Kids

I think I am in the stage where I wonder if my daughter is having an infatuation or possibly  a boyfriend. You might wonder what triggered my notion without possible…

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