How to be Optimistic in Times of Uncertainty during Covid-19

Who would have thought that we will all find ourselves smack in the middle of a deadly, and very contagious virus in the day and age of advanced technology and…

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5 Things You Can Do With Children in New York

Planning a family trip to New York is only difficult because there is so much to see and explore. Take a quick look at the five ideas below to help…

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3 Reasons a Child Should Participate in Sports

Inactivity among youth is reaching epidemic proportions. Instead of running and playing, most kids prefer to do such activities virtually.

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Gaming segment – Magic Tree Game Review

Hallu, bloggers and random passer-bys, my name’s The Daughter. Okay, no. Technically, I am. You get my drift. Anyways, for my first ever gaming-related-segment-review-kind-of-thing, I’ll be briefly prattling about a game…

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Young Love – Most Parents’ Woe About Their Teen Kids

I think I am in the stage where I wonder if my daughter is having an infatuation or possibly  a boyfriend. You might wonder what triggered my notion without possible…

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I Support Community-Made Products

I am a staunch supporter of anything handmade, eco-friendly and community-based products. When I say community-based, it means, a certain product material was bought from a community of farmers, producers…

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Beautiful Token

This is a post from my daughter 🙂 It’s been well, over a week or more, and I noticed that I haven’t even bothered to post anything here besides saying…

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Timeshare Giveaway At

I’m running a giveaway in my other blog – It’s My Party! So, head on to and join the very easy entries of my Rent A Timeshare Giveaway At…

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So Much To Do But So Little Time

I don’t really know how I juggle being a mother, wife and a full-time career woman as well. I try so hard to manage but I feel my schedule these…

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We Are Back

My daughter and I arrived here in Dubai yesterday afternoon. We are still a bit dizzy and tired from the non-stop sleepless nights from my father-in-law’s wake up to the…

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