How to be Optimistic in Times of Uncertainty during Covid-19

Who would have thought that we will all find ourselves smack in the middle of a deadly, and very contagious virus in the day and age of advanced technology and…

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5 Things You Can Do With Children in New York

Planning a family trip to New York is only difficult because there is so much to see and explore. Take a quick look at the five ideas below to help…

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3 Reasons a Child Should Participate in Sports

Inactivity among youth is reaching epidemic proportions. Instead of running and playing, most kids prefer to do such activities virtually.

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Giving Your Teens Responsibilities At Home

We only have one kid and she’s pushing 16 soon. You can’t say she’s a brat. She doesn’t get what she wants that easy  and we always let her work…

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Cool WordPress 3.8 Update

Wow! Have you seen the latest update from WordPress? If you haven’t logged in your panel yet, you better do so and quick. The update features customized color scheme you…

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I’m In A Foul Mood Today

Well, don’t judge me right away and think I am a big grouch-o! I’m not. I’m actually one of the most amiable person you will ever meet but I am…

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Rilakkuma Overload!

The vacation is over and we’re back home. We wished it was longer but reality bites so here we are again. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed and we are planning to…

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Photo Op with Santa Clause

Do you want a free code to use for a photo op with Santa or even Rudolph? Well, you’re lucky because is giving FREE CODE to use so you…

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Sandgrens’ Big Black Friday Sale!

My favorite clogs’ manufacturer – Sandgrens, is having a big Black Friday sale which will run from November 29th to December 2nd (CST). There will be some amazing deals for…

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Hygiene Kit Campaign for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda

The devastation caused by the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has affected not only a few cities and houses in the Philippines but the majority of the Visayas region where the death…

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