How To Avoid Loneliness in Old Age

Loneliness can affect anyone at any age. However, older people tend to be particularly susceptible to it as friends and family members die or move away and getting around becomes more difficult due to health issues.

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Care Options For Aging Loved Ones

Aging is a part of life and we all want what’s best for those we love as they get older. As people age, it often becomes more difficult for them…

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3 Great Backyard Upgrades to Encourage Healthy Activity for Kids

Looking for creative ways to inspire your kids to be more active? You may be surprised at how easy it is to turn your yard into a fun-filled space for…

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My Odd Love for Vinegar

Each one of us have our own uniqueness. We have our own preferences and when it comes to food, we also have our own likes and dislikes. My daughter and…

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Warm Christmas Greetings to all

May the joy and wonder of Christmas bless you and yours this season. Merry Christmas!   (Artwork done by lovely daughter, pls. do not claim as yours. © Arice215)  1,002 total…

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Mood Swings And Lousy Days

  I think the big “mid-life crisis” has finally found its way to me or the other way around. I just noticed that I get hot-headed most of the times…

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Dealing With Your First Teen Heart Break

I am not addressing this to my daughter because I don’t know if it’s applicable. I am writing this post for the other teens out there who are going through…

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Giving Your Teens Responsibilities At Home

We only have one kid and she’s pushing 16 soon. You can’t say she’s a brat. She doesn’t get what she wants that easy  and we always let her work…

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Cool WordPress 3.8 Update

Wow! Have you seen the latest update from WordPress? If you haven’t logged in your panel yet, you better do so and quick. The update features customized color scheme you…

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I’m In A Foul Mood Today

Well, don’t judge me right away and think I am a big grouch-o! I’m not. I’m actually one of the most amiable person you will ever meet but I am…

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