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Three Tips for Vacationing in Texas

If you have never been to the larger than life state of Texas, then it is time to start planning your first adventure in Texas. With lots of large cities,…

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Fun Things to Do in New York City

When you take a trip to New York City, the opportunities are endless. From seeing a show on Broadway to spending the afternoon at Central Park, you can never run…

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The Importance of Regular Vacations

While vacations are not something that are absolutely necessary in order to exist, they are importance in this modern world if you want to maintain good health, spend time with…

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A New Family Favorite: Searching Out a Hotel that Ticks all the Boxes

It is safe to say that not all hotels are created equal and the range of services and amenities you can expect along with the standard of welcome you experience…

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Why Traveling Is Not Only For The Rich

Many people think that traveling is a lucrative activity that only the rich, famous, and those who can afford can take it. Contrary to that belief, traveling is for everyone who…

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Taking Your Toddler on Vacation

One of the most common tips I get asked about is traveling with a toddler. In particular, taking a toddler on a vacation. Many new parents hear horror stories and…

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