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Where has my creative juice gone?

I have lost count on how long my creative dry spell has been. I just woke up one day now wanting to do any of the artsy things that made…

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Health Scare

I am not hiding my many health issues. Though I do not advertise them for the world to know but my family and friends know me too well that I…

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Parents’ Tough Love

It is every parents’ desire to see their kids grow up to be responsible, respectful, loving, compassionate, grateful, and God-fearing people. If they fail, we, as parents feel that we…

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3 Simple Steps to Change Your Life

When the pressures of life get to be a little too much, taking some time to center yourself can mean all the difference. When you feel pulled in so many…

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The Migration Dream

I have always believed in the saying “Follow your dreams,” and “Never Giver Up On Your Dreams.” Those two were like broken record mantra I kept repeating in my head….

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Dealing With Grief

  If there is one thing I learned about “grief” is that, it does not have a timeline. Grieving takes time, and no one can speed that up. Grief is…

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Slowly Recuperating

I haven’t been checking my blogs for a month because I got ill. What I thought was just a normal flu because of the weather changes was very wrong. Hubby…

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