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My September Free Promo

For those who still does not know, I am an independent distributor of Nu Skin products. I enjoy being one because it adds extra to my savings. My favorite product…

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Taking the Opportunity

They said, “Opportunity knocks only once.” In my case, it had knocked many times before but I kept mum about opening the door. I am either scared or I just…

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The Quest For A Passive Income

When I was younger, I don’t even know what a “passive income” is until I reached my 40s. I happen to hear it from one of the seminars I have…

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Harnessing the Creativity Back

It’s been so long since I got a trickle of my creative juice going. It’s not in full force but glad it’s coming back. I guess, having my daughter here…

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Refer a Friend at

  I just completed my first purchase at, the online shop with the freshest and unique paper goods – from holiday cards to wedding invitations to limited-edition art –…

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My Vision Board

Do you know what a vision board is? If so, do you have one? For those who is not familiar with it, a vision board is a collection of your…

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