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4 Things to Consider When Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral can feel overwhelming. There is a lot to do in a short amount of time, all while you are grieving the loss of a loved one. Here are four things to consider when planning a funeral.

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Dealing With Grief

  If there is one thing I learned about “grief” is that, it does not have a timeline. Grieving takes time, and no one can speed that up. Grief is…

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The Holiday

I know, I haven’t been very active in my blogging activity lately and there are personal reasons behind it. I just try my best to get my groove back but…

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My Kind Of Introvert

I have been relieved for admitting my inner introvert that I have been trying to hide for so long. And now that it’s all out, I feel free! I feel…

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A Mother’s Broken Heart

My emotions have been going up and down, spiralling out of control at times, and I honestly don’t know why I am in this kind of situation. Generally speaking, I am…

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40 Days

I miss my mum. I miss her terribly. It has been 40 days since she passed away. She still hasn’t visited me in my dreams. Although, there are times when…

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Goodbye to My Beloved Mother

February has been a very difficult and challenging month for me and my family. It was supposed to be a merry month since we were celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday….

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