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Stop the Hypocrisy!

I show no mercy to people who are hypocrites or in layman’s term, “plastic!” I wonder why there is such a characteristic as vile as being pretentious and all.  Is…

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Admiring The Script

I know, mommies shouldn’t have crushes but hey, mommies are human too. When we like someone, that someone is probably famous like an actor or a singer. In my case,…

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Thanksgiving Greetings 2016

My family went through a series of heartaches this year (started during the first quarter) and trickled even up to November. I keep reminding myself that there are reasons why things…

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It’s Movember!

  Say what again? Did I actually have a typo over there? No, you read it correctly. It is Movember! It is the month of men’s health awareness to be…

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Taking Your Toddler on Vacation

One of the most common tips I get asked about is traveling with a toddler. In particular, taking a toddler on a vacation. Many new parents hear horror stories and…

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Picking Yourself Up

I was inspired by the ‘So You Think You Can Dance, Next Generation’ to write this post. I was just watching those super talented kids pour their hearts out on…

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Resurrection Sunday 2016

Happy Easter Greetings to all!   (Image source:  1,149 total views

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