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So Long Millie

I can’t describe the heaviness of my heart today. It’s like an elephant is stepping on it. I am in so much pain, my heart is heavy, my head is…

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New Year Friendship Bracelets To Give

Have you ever been given a Friendship bracelet before? Have you made one for a special friend to solidify your friendship? I have made some before when I was younger….

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Christmas Budget

Wow! This Christmas season has a heftier price tag than last year.  We will be spending the holidays back in the Philippines for 2 weeks (for my husband and I…

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Peer Pressure: How To Deal With It

Peer pressure may be a common topic we are all too familiar with once in our life. We may have gone through that in school, while growing up in a neighborhood…

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Choosing Your Battles

My daughter is growing up and she’s already seeing the ugly side of human nature first hand from the people around her. Before our Japan trip, my daughter was the…

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When Friendship Ends

  (Photo credit: yahoo images) I have had my fair share of failed friendships. Some of them were my fault and others not. Maintaining a friendship with people you like…

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