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When Depression and Separation Anxiety Set In

I think I am overthinking my daughter’s impending trip back home for her collegiate studies. I haven’t been able to function really well at home. I haven’t been blogging and…

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My Daughter’s JS Prom

I am a stage-mom! I won’t even deny it. I can’t help it. I guess, I am more excited than my daughter. It is very obvious. Who would buy her…

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Peer Pressure: How To Deal With It

Peer pressure may be a common topic we are all too familiar with once in our life. We may have gone through that in school, while growing up in a neighborhood…

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Getting Ready For College

Well, if you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted any hiccups with my daughter lately. That’s because she’s actually behaving really well and I couldn’t be more happy than that! We still…

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Why Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends

  (Our beloved Millie, © I stumbled upon this nice article in Yahoo and I can’t let it pass without sharing the whole piece, word per word. So, I give…

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Back To Home Base

Well, every fun and exciting adventure and vacation leave come to an end. So, today, we wrapped up our very short weekend getaway to New York City and we’re all…

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This Mommy Is On Vacation Leave

  Well, even mommy bloggers like myself deserve a much needed rest and relaxation away from work, household chores and blogging. I know! I know! It’s just February and why…

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