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The Fighter in Me

My family and those who are very close to me call me “small but terrible.” I am terrible not because I fight with everyone nor have a displeasing personality. While…

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Long Weekend

I’m enjoying my long weekend right now, thanks to the Eid Holidays. We didn’t make any plans because I am not well. But well enough to still commit to my…

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Create Your Wedding Website and App With Appy Couple

Are you in the process of planning your wedding? If so, then Appy Couple will be a great app solution to use for your wedding when you want to create…

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Father’s Day 2015

Not every married man has the chance to become a father and if you’re one of the lucky people who has been blessed to tackle the role of being a…

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Happy Mum’s Day 2015

It’s not everyday that we get to greet the special person in our lives – our mothers. I wonder why it just have to be 1 day in a year….

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Busy As A Bee!

Well, my 2015 is a bit hectic in terms of blogging activities and such. I have products lined up until the end of the month (some pouring to March!) for…

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Gifts For The Baby

I love shopping. That is actually an understatement. Shopping is my favourite past time especially when I am shopping for my family and close friends. And of lately, I have…

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