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How to Prepare for a New Baby

Once you get past the initial shock and excitement that you are actually going to have a baby, you may not be sure what the next steps are. What exactly…

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Taking Care of Your Family Through Proper Insurance Coverage

No one likes to think of worst case scenarios, but we are always thankful when we have planned for them properly. A large part of that planning process comes down…

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Parents’ Tough Love

It is every parents’ desire to see their kids grow up to be responsible, respectful, loving, compassionate, grateful, and God-fearing people. If they fail, we, as parents feel that we…

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Universal Health Care Bill Is Now Approved By Pres. Rodrigo Duterte

I am very thrilled to hear about the bill being approved yesterday. I am not an ardent follower of the political scene back home but when it comes to the…

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The Importance of Regular Vacations

While vacations are not something that are absolutely necessary in order to exist, they are importance in this modern world if you want to maintain good health, spend time with…

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I am glad to leave 2016 behind. A lot of painful stuff happened to my family last year and my faith and resolve had been tested as early as the…

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40 Days

I miss my mum. I miss her terribly. It has been 40 days since she passed away. She still hasn’t visited me in my dreams. Although, there are times when…

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