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My Handmade Photo Booth Props

We planned for a grand debut for our daughter but ended up having a simple, yet fun and truly close-knit celebration of her 18th birthday last February. My hubby and…

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The Birthday Souvenirs

My daughter’s 18th birthday was celebrated with a bit of melancholy because of my mum’s illness which eventually led to her passing away after few days. However, plans to celebrate…

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Cute Peppa Pig Birthday Themed Party Supplies

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links Party with Peppa Pig, the cute pig and her family…

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Cute Costumes For the Young and Old from BuyCostumes

Who says only kids can dress up and be cute? Well, there’s no such things as age factor when dressing up, wearing a costume for parties, Halloween, cosplays or themed…

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Refer a Friend at

  I just completed my first purchase at, the online shop with the freshest and unique paper goods – from holiday cards to wedding invitations to limited-edition art –…

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Why Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends

  (Our beloved Millie, © I stumbled upon this nice article in Yahoo and I can’t let it pass without sharing the whole piece, word per word. So, I give…

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Studio Ghibli Music Box Collection

    Do you love music box and listening to their soothing chimes? How about this, do you love Studio Ghibli and listen to their movies’ beautiful soundtracks in a…

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