How many of us get excited when winter’s last snow finally melts and we see new shoots of grass? How many of us have spent all winter planning and plotting what they will grow in their garden or how to refresh their lawns and dreamed about new landscaping ideas during the entire winter? And, how many of us, once spring rolled around, went to grab their favorite watering hose, and found themselves utterly frustrated with their hose reels? 

We bet there were a lot of you nodding your heads and agreeing with the above. As an avid gardener, green thumb, or even a professional landscaper, you undoubtedly have encountered issues with most reels that fail. Sometimes we may find ourselves having to purchase a new reel for our hoses every year or worse, every few months! Often you may find yourself having to reaffix or adjust or change parts and pieces of your reels to keep them running well, too, and that all adds up in aggravation as well as cost. Not to mention how quickly some reels appear to rust and deteriorate faster than usual. 

Unfortunately, most reels fail compared to Eley Hose Reels and, for several reasons. Hose reels that are created from inferior materials and shoddy manufactured can all contribute. What you find at a local hardware store or any brand online might be a quick and easy replacement purchase at first, but with dubious origins can quickly turn into mounting costs for replacement parts that break or the constant replacement of a shoddy reel. 

Why do most reels fail in comparison to Eley hose reels? Let’s dive into it. 

Material choice does matter. 

Consider where a reel will spend its entirety. Most of you will answer, “outside.” The outdoors means a reel is exposed to the sun, wind, rain, snow, and any other weather possible in the area you live. Environmental factors are among the more significant reasons why a hose reel with subpar materials tends to fail faster than usual, especially if your hose reel is made from plastic, resin, wood, or fiberglass. 

But why do plastic, resin, wood, and fiberglass create a reel that fails compared to Eley hose reels? 

  • Plastic as a material does not break down, but it does break apart. As a material, plastic is not biodegradable, but over time and exposure to the elements will begin to crack and break into smaller and smaller pieces. This breakdown is caused by heat, humidity, the UV rays in the sunshine, pollution, and the corrosive elements a plastic hose reel encounter outdoors over time. Many plastic hose reel owners have encountered reels that become brittle, start to change color, turn to look chalky, then crack or breaking entirely. 
  • Epoxy resin materials and outdoor environments do not mix. One of the critical factors in resin reels failing faster is exposure to sunlight. While resin has a few positives, such as lower shrinkage and excellent chemical resistance—in the face of ultraviolet (UV) rays, they become damaged. Then, durability becomes softer over time. Continued exposure to sunlight causes resins to be yellow, and like plastic, becomes brittle, cracking, and then breaking.
  • Wood, while a natural product, even when weather-treated, can begin to break down due to the process of biodegrading. While wood that begins to biodegrade will eventually disappear entirely, unlike plastic, wood is highly susceptible to rot. The cause of rot is wood being constantly exposed to moisture through rain, melting snow, humidity, or leaks. Water creates a perfect environment for decay to begin to set in, destroying the reel or any wood parts of a hose reel. 
  • Fiberglass material is yet another type of material susceptible to the damages of sunlight and weather conditions. For fiberglass, it has a more complex form of UV degradation than the other materials above. Constant exposure to light causes a weakening in the glass fibers in fiberglass materials, resulting in visible fibers known as fiber blooming. 

Why Eley hose reels prevail when others fail. 

Eley hose reels are created out of the most durable and weather-resistant, rust-proof aluminum alloy material, then coated thoroughly in a high-grade powder coat paint that gives Eley reels a hard, smooth, and long-lasting finish. Additionally, Eley has ensured that all mounting hardware is comprised of premium, high-grade stainless steel. What this means is there is virtually nothing on an Eley hose reel that will rust or corrode. This is also why you not only Eley hose reels outlast but outperform almost any other hose reel found on the market today.

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