You benefit from the arts each day, perhaps even without recognizing that you do. A painting hangs in your office, a movie captivates you, a novel makes you think, and music on the radio transports you. How often do you think about the people who create these artforms? Even if you’re a pianist, do you take time to think about how inspiring the camera angles were in that movie? Maybe not. 

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Experience the Artwork

Honor different artforms by experiencing them in their various formats. Museums and art galleries are places to see visual art presented in a professional venue, and many even have online offerings. If you choose to attend an event or explore a gallery, you can better appreciate the work of New York artists. The same is true of music and other performing arts. Canned music will struggle to compete with a live performance. Concerts, movies, and art shows can only become more enjoyable if you also invite a friend or share the work with a friend. A work of art has so many interpretations, so your friend will have a different experience than you. 

Support the Artists

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Just by engaging with an artist’s work, you’re showing support. Take that support further by sharing the work, letting others know about something they might also enjoy. Word of mouth and social media can both do a lot to broaden the work’s audience. Of course, praise and appreciation alone cannot build venues or provide income. To support artists monetarily, though, word of mouth can still play an essential role in attracting donors who want to give money that enables these artists to continue to produce inspiring work. After spreading the word, keep speaking out and participating. Go to fundraising showcases and donate volunteer time if you can’t donate money. Your investment of time and enthusiasm can make a huge difference.

Stay engaged with your favorite art and artists by signing up for mailing lists and following groups on social media. When you know great events are happening, you can attend and celebrate the talents you love. 

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