As a potential business owner, current business owner, large or small, you already know how crucial it is to purchase the right solutions that work on every level. Safety, efficiency, function, and flexibility are key elements that go into every decision you make. But what decision have you made about your space’s windows? 

If you’re confused about why it should matter what window screens you use for your business, there are several essential reasons why you shouldn’t ignore it and choose any old window screen instead. Have you ever visited a retail space, or office, and found yourself squinting in annoying harsh light? Or perhaps you’ve visited a business space and noted that the furnishings have started to look worn even though the business has not been opened for that long. 

There’s a reason. And we can tell you how pre-made solar screens can impact your business as well as avoid several damaging effects in the future, saving you time, money, and frustration. 

What are Premade Solar Screens? 

A premade solar screen refers to a solar window screen that comes with everything you need to install a solar window screen yourself with exceptional ease. You don’t need to be or hire a contractor or window treatment technician with premade solar screens, all you need is to know the measurements and frame thickness of the windows you’ll be installing a premade solar screen on. 

With a premade solar screen, you have many choices such as: 

  • Frame colors.
  • Screen colors.
  • Whether or not to include a crossbar and its location.
  • Any extra hardware you may need.
  • Exceptional quality materials and build.

But besides being extremely easy to install yourself and being aesthetically pleasing with many contemporary design colors and choices—what exactly are solar screens? 

Solar screens are window screen mesh made with specially formulated synthetic polyester threads. Next, each thread is then coated with polyvinyl chloride or PVC and then set with heat. This process created a heavy-duty window screen mesh that is engineered to withstand harsh outdoor environments longer than the average window screen. By using this special process to create solar screens, premade solar screens also include features such as being mildew and mold resistant, fade-resistant, and blocking out harmful UV radiation as well as the heat that can pass through your business’s window glass. 

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What do Premade Solar Screens do? 

We know that UV rays are extremely damaging to skin cells when exposed to the sun too long, and that sun protection, as well as sunscreen, is essential to prevent damage such as sunburn, premature aging, and lower the risk of skin cancer. Consider premade solar screens much like sunscreen for your business, your business’s furnishings, your employees as well as your customers. 

Premade solar screens block UV rays, also known as ultraviolet radiation. Glass windows can transmit up to 40-50% of UV rays when the sunlight passes through them and can affect not only you, your employees but any of the items inside your business as well.

Premade solar screens can block up to 90% of UV rays that come through your business’s windows, providing relief from the sun’s glare too. 

How do Premade Solar Screens Impact a Business? 

How does using premade solar screens impact your business? Several beneficial changes using solar screens can provide: 

  • Exposure to UV light can become dangerous. For your employees as well as patrons that may end up spending a lot of time sitting or exposed to the sun let in by windows, the bright glare, as well as heat, can become annoying as well as uncomfortable. Longer periods may put both customers and employees at greater risk for skin cancer. 
  • Interior décor elements can become damaged up to 3 times faster in a business without UV protection from solar shades. Carpets, seating, tables, paint on walls, and even any art that may be in your business’s space will begin to be leeched of color quicker than usual. This fading will force you to redecorate, driving up the cost of what may already be a costly space to maintain. 
  • If you live in an area known for extremely hot temperatures or particularly grueling summers, using premade solar screens will save you on expensive cooling costs by blocking the heat creating sunlight. Solar screens offer an amazingly affordable means for you to save on your energy bills by keeping the space cooler in the warmer months. 
  • Solar screens’ special construction means they are going to last longer than average window screens and are tougher. This means fewer worries of having to repair or replace them as often and are exceptionally easy to keep clean. 
  • Available in many beautiful contemporary colors that complement your building’s needs and styles. 

Premade solar screens are an easy investment that pay off in several wonderful ways. They are easy to install without a contractor, keep bright glare and dangerous UV rays from you, your employees, customers, your furnishings, and further decrease the cost of cooling. Premade solar screens can have a massively impact on your business positively. 

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