Leaving your precious fur baby for the first time when you travel can fill you with anxiety. Most dogs are perfectly fine and forget that you were ever gone the moment you walk through the door. The level of care your dog needs while you’re gone is dependent on how much maintenance it needs and your comfort level.


The highest level of care is to board your dog at a reputable dog hotel Denver. While there, your pup will have his or her own space. Most kennels offer playtime in the yard with other dogs or personalized walking service for a fee. You can often bring toys, bedding, and food from home although the kennel will also provide these. Some dog hotels offer add-on services such as grooming or storytime. When you board your dog, you can be assured that they are being watched by trained professionals.

Professional Dog Sitter

With a professional dog sitter, you hire an individual or team who is bonded and insured and comes to your home to feed and walk your pet. Most professional dog sitters have set rates depending on the amount of time they spend with your dog at each visit. You might want a 20-minute visit for breakfast and a backyard trip and a longer 30-minute visit in the evening that includes a walk around the block. Dog sitters generally text daily updates and pictures of your dog.


Photo credit: @mabotofu / Unsplash.com

If you have a responsible middle or high school aged neighbor to come over to feed your dog, this is one of the least expensive options. You give up some of the security that comes with boarding your dog or using a licensed dog sitter, but if your dog is older and doesn’t need much attention, the extras may not be necessary. This set-up works well if your dog already has access to your backyard through a doggie door.

Choosing your dog’s level of care may depend on its age and temperament and your peace of mind. Keeping your dog safe and happy is the highest priority.

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