Nobody likes feeling sick and dealing with a long-term illness can be especially onerous, not just on the person with the illness but also on those who want to help. It’s hard to know what to do and how to support someone in this situation. Here are a few ideas.

Religious Items

If your friend or loved one is religious, he or she might appreciate small plaques containing Biblical wisdom that can be placed around the house. Prayer beads, rosaries, small statuary or religious candles Brooklyn NY can bring comfort. Instead of offering to “pray for someone” suggest that you “pray with them” in that moment.

Chicken Soup

There is something truly soothing about homemade chicken soup whether it’s the steamy vapors that clear congestion or the salty liquid that soothes sore throats. If you like to cook, make a pot of chicken soup and bring a few individually labeled containers over to your friend. He or she will appreciate the ease of meal preparation and taste your love and caring in every spoonful.

Little Luxuries

If someone has been sick for a long time, it’s probably been difficult for them to get out and about. When your energy is low, you may concentrate on what you need absolutely to make it through the day, and little luxuries get forgotten. Pack up a bag of items that make day-to-day existence a little nicer such as a new toothbrush, high quality tissues or scented moisturizing hand soap.

Clean-up Fairy

Cleaning up the dishes is the last thing on someone’s mind when they feel ill. Don’t ask if you can help, just start running the water and collecting the glasses around the room. While you chat, tidy the kitchen. Grab a roll of paper towels and some Clorox and do a quick bathroom wipe down. A 10–20-minute clean-up can make a big difference to someone who’s homebound.

Feeling helpless to care for someone ill is terrible. There are a few things you can do that while not medicinal, will still benefit your loved one.  

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