There are a variety of buses that can be rented for specific periods of time. Look into tour bus rental Scranton for more information about rental services. Check this list of four types of buses typically available to rent the next time your organization or group needs transportation.

1. School Bus

Many people rent school buses to transport large groups of students to and from field trip sites, school-related conferences and educational institutions. Standard school buses usually have a seating capacity of 47 passengers. They have the iconic yellow color and safety features such as a retractable stop sign.

2. Minibus

Typically smaller than a standard school bus, a minibus can hold up to 21 people and is ideal for short trips. Businesses sometimes use minibusses to travel from one part of a corporate campus to another. People may also use them to go from a formal ceremony, such as a wedding or graduation, to a reception venue. 

3. Coach Bus

Coach buses are quite large and are great for long-distance trips. They can carry a maximum of 56 people. Many of them have plenty of space for passengers to spread their limbs. They can also be equipped with bathrooms, TV screens, vending machines, power outlets, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, luggage racks and baggage holds. These buses are frequently used for interstate travel. Sports teams utilize them to take players to different matches across the country.

4. Sprinter Van

Sprinter vans can house about eight to 15 passengers. Many people prefer to rent these vans rather than larger buses because they are easy to maneuver and park. Individuals can ride through a crowded city using these vehicles without much difficulty. Though compact, the vans still provide ample room for passengers. 

When choosing the kind of bus to rent, consider how many people you want to transport and the number of miles to the destination. This will help ensure that your passengers are comfortable throughout the ride.

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