While it is true that lots of practice can improve the accuracy of a rifleman, if the rifle isn’t accurate in itself then there is no way of knowing what the “true” aim should be. If day after day at the shooting range you begin to notice that something feels off, or even if your sig grip modules are wearing down, then it might be time to upgrade a few things. 

Check Stock Alignment

If there is a problem with the stock seat, a technique that is known as “rifle bedding” can be applied. This essentially checks to make sure that the connection between the action and stock is firm and that they are parallel to one another. There are several different home-remedy options out there, from epoxy kits that will increase the solidity of an already decent connection to aluminum pillar bedding. The latter means that the stock and action must be separated to insert 2 aluminum rods between the action and stock.

Check the Muzzle Crown

The gases that are forced out of the end of the barrel as the bullet leaves the gun, play a more significant role in accuracy than you might think. Over time, using bullets of varying lengths and shapes can burr the inside end of the muzzle causing pressure instability. A reputable gunsmith will be able to restore the original crown of the gun and help it to fire more accurately. This is not a repair recommended for DIY’ers.

Check the Trigger

Sloppy or heavy triggers are probably the first thing you’ll notice about any rifle that is in need of repair. Replace the trigger if it feels uncomfortable to fire, since having to exert more energy to depress it can lead to “pulling” the gun away from your target.

Instead of heading to the store to buy a new one, these 3 upgrades to your rifle could save you in the long run and improve your accuracy on the range and in the field.

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