Space is very valuable when you are a high-rise city apartment dweller. High-rise residential units are usually limited in space, have tight quarters, and have no balcony to even allow homeowners to have a semblance of a pocket garden in what a small space can do. 

If you happen to be one of those who love to have plants in their homes but can only spare a tiny space to accommodate plants then these tips will help you create a tiny garden in your high-rise apartment, taking inspiration and ideas from NYC garden designers to show you it is possible.

Designate a space

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You can choose either a small area in your entryway or a corner of your apartment to use as a tiny garden enclave. Most small apartment dwellers put up their pocket garden in the corner near the window (if you do not have a balcony) for their small plant collection to get ample sunlight during the day. Some high-rise city apartments have a little hallway where you can place a small shelf or narrow table to display your plant collection.

Buy plants like succulents or hanging plants

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Do not go for big plants if you have no space to accommodate them. Succulents and cactus are great plants to put in your home to create a tiny garden in your apartment. They do not take up space and you can arrange them on narrow tables or shelves or even just put them by your window sill. Hanging plants are also great space-savers!

Use slim shelves or planter holders

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When space is so precious that you can only offer a tiny portion of it in your home, you have to complement it by using slim shelves or tables or plant holders too. These slim versions can still offer a good holding space for your precious plants while not taking up much space, allowing you free movement in your own home. You can also use the top of your bookcase to put a pot with vine-like plants like philodendrons.

Use hanging planters

If you simply cannot afford to provide a portion of your flat for a pocket garden then use the vertical space – hang them! Yes, use hanging planters for your plants and you can still own a tiny garden in your apartment. There are plenty of hanging plants that require very little maintenance like the string of pearls from Plant Shed or pothos.

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Use the vertical space

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Your flat will definitely have walls that you can use to install a vertical garden. Find a space where you can display your plant collection vertically. This also adds beauty to your wall that you don’t need to cover with paintings or murals. 

If all else fails because your space is way too tiny to even have spare space for a couple of plants, then consider having flowers delivered right at your doorstep to give your home that garden feel. It may be a stretch but having flowers displayed on coffee tables or counter tops give your home a homey and calming sense.

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