When it comes to adult beverages, there’s something for everyone. We who partake all have our preferences, but how many of us have ever really thought about what we’re drinking? Perhaps if we took the time to consider our refreshments, we could enhance our entire imbibing experience.


Beer has always been America’s beverage of choice. Contemporary beers come in a wide variety of styles with vast contrasts in color, flavor and strength. Beer buffs learn to associate certain colors with corresponding flavor profiles. When choosing new brews to sample, however, people principally check the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV) and relative bitterness in International Bitterness Units (IBUs.)

Given the recent American craft beer explosion, there’s likely a microbrewery or brewpub near you. Either is an excellent location to begin exploring the world of beer.


We’ve all heard of wine tasting, but can you personally compare different wines simply by taste? Modern wine tasting is an involved field with specialized language and customs. Connoisseurs make judgments on a multitude of factors, many of them baffling to laymen. However, with practice, anyone can become a wine expert. The key for beginners is to be receptive and enjoy the experience. While public wine tastings are, of course, most commonly offered by wineries, promotional tasting events may be held locally wherever wine is sold.


This category covers a broad range of liquors forged from disparate ingredients. Although all are ultimately distilled, the precise preparation processes are unique to each one. It’s interesting to see inside a distillery Tonasket WA and discover the way in which whiskey, gin, rum or vodka reaches its final state. Small batch distilleries often organize public tours, but the best part arguably occurs after the demonstrations are done, when patrons can sample (and hopefully purchase) premium spirits straight from the source.

From beer to wine to liquor, all libations are made in their own way. Knowing how they’re prepared can make your beverages taste better, and makes you a better, smarter drinker.

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