Getting tired of looking at the same home design every day? Switch it up! You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money redesigning. Simply substituting the old for the new can change the way you feel in your home. If you’re a big fan of home design shows or if you just want something new, these tips can help you revamp your home design in a snap.

1. Update Your Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in the atmosphere of your home. If you mainly have overhead lighting, consider adding floor or table lamps to brighten the space. Remember to consider your natural light and your habits of leaving windows open or closed when choosing your lighting. Changing your light fixtures can also help with the new design scheme you’re hoping to achieve.

2. Switch Out Your Wall Art

You may have loved the painting you bought all those years ago, but now, it might be blending in with the walls. It’s good to change up your wall art every once in a while so that it truly reflects you. Consider new paintings and artwork austin tx to revive your space. If you have a printed family picture from five years ago, consider getting new photos taken to match your new design. 

3. Evaluate Your Storage Space

After a bit of time, it’s natural for things to become a little cluttered. Go through your belongings and donate what you no longer need. Receiving multiple blankets for your birthday seems great until you have nowhere to put them. Consider purchasing storage ottomans, baskets or shelf organizers to keep your space looking and feeling organized

Take your home room by room and decide what your design goals are. Whether you’re going for farmhouse, modern, rustic or bohemian, by switching out a few items in your design, you can achieve your desired look. 

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