When you start wearing your weapon concealed, you may think everyone knows you are carrying and everyone is staring at you, but you will be amazed at how unobservant the public is. However, you should still do all you can to conceal your weapon under your clothing.

Dress for the Season

One of the easiest ways to reveal that you are carrying a concealed weapon is to dress inappropriately for the season. For example, avoid wearing concealed carry clothes for winter during the spring and summer. These clothes should be worn during cold weather when they are appropriate. You can find clothing that works for every season.

Avoid Solids

Solid-colored clothing reveals outlines. Patterns with straight lines may also show bulges you don’t want seen. However, moving patters and colorful fabrics distract the eye. The busyness of the design will conceal any outlines or bulges you may be trying to hide.

Heavy Fabrics

Lightweight fabrics drape over obstructions, outlining your weapon. However, heavier fabrics are stiffer and fall straighter. These fabrics don’t bend and shift like lighter fabrics. If you choose to wear lighter fabrics, consider starching and ironing them to make them a bit more rigid.

Tactical and Hobby Clothing

Of course, you can always invest in tactical clothing. This clothing is made to carry and conceal weapons. However, you may also choose to wear clothes made for other hobbies, such as fishing or hunting, because they have pockets for flashlights and other hobby tools that can be converted without announcing that you are wearing tactical gear.


You carry a weapon for protection. However, if you cannot get to your weapon during life-threatening situations, carrying it defeats the purpose. Therefore, your clothing should allow you to quickly and easily access your handgun. Don’t choose shirts that tuck in over your weapon, and avoid clothing that gets caught as you draw. For example, button-down shirts with fake buttonholes that hide snaps are great options for those who use bellyband or undershirt holsters.

If you are going to carry a concealed weapon, choose clothing that truly hides your weapon.

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