It is easy to buy presents for children because they are always quick to let you know what’s on their list for Santa. Buying for adults, however, is harder, especially when they already seem to have everything. Here are four of the best ideas for one-of-a-kind gifts to make those difficult people on your list smile.

1. Family Portrait

For relatives, organizing a group portrait makes a thoughtful gift everyone will appreciate for years to come. Finding a great place to get a family portrait Pittsford NY, is not as hard as you would think, but it is always good to plan ahead, especially when scheduling for an extended family.

2. Self-Printed Book

If you have a collection of poems or artwork you have created over the years, printing a small book is a beautiful way not only to preserve it but also to provide gifts. For an added touch of individuality, you can even personalize the covers with recipients’ names.

3. Unique T-Shirt

Personalized t-shirts and sweatshirts are fun to wear and can be as quirky or sentimental as you choose. Consider adding a friend’s name to a popular saying or even adding his or her picture. Other options include a design based on a hometown, pet, or favorite sports team.

4. Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry is a more expensive option but can be the most thoughtful choice for someone special in your life, such as a spouse or grandparent. Stackable rings with the birthstones of grandchildren are one of the newest trends, but you also can engrave traditional items such as watches or pendants.

Imagine the eyes of your friends and family lighting up when they open a package from you with a personalized gift inside. It may take a bit more effort to create one now, but the results will be well worth it on Christmas Day.

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