Reserving a building or large room for a wedding reception can cost several thousand dollars. Many families choose to hold a reception at their home and use the money they saved for the honeymoon. With a lengthy guest list, you may have problems accommodating everyone indoors. However, you can use an outdoor venue, complete with catering tables and decorations, to entertain your guests and honor the newlyweds.

Outdoor Venues

A wedding reception held outside of your home can be just as memorable as a pricey ballroom or conference hall. It’s unlikely that you have enough seating available at your home for a large crowd, but you can rent chairs, tables and benches from a local company. Some rental firms will set everything up for a small fee. If you’re holding the event in the late fall or winter, you can rent portable heaters and set up tents to protect guests from the elements. Some couples have problems booking musical acts in outdoor venues during cold weather, but you can use wireless speakers to play your favorite wedding playlist.


Catering fees can make up a significant portion of your budget, but you can save money by enlisting the help of your loved ones. You can request some of your family members to bring desserts or appetizers instead of wedding gifts and use the money you saved to hire a professional bartending service like alcohol catering Las Vegas NV. For many of your adult guests, the alcohol may be more important than the food.


Your outdoor venue can be decorated with flower arrangements, string lights, ribbons and banners just like an indoor location, but you may need to provide additional lighting if the party runs late into the night. Some couples hang tea lights on the low hanging branches of trees and burn tiki torches to create a tropical atmosphere.

Holding a wedding reception at your home is an excellent way to celebrate without breaking your budget, and your savings can be spent on a memorable getaway.

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