I have lost track of the number of times I have to motivate myself to continue to do something that is really challenging and uncomfortable to do, like work, or doing online classes you wished you never enrolled in or fulfilling a task you half-heartedly want to do or staying in a place when you wish you were somewhere else.

I have found myself in those positions where I am no longer happy but the choices I have were all unacceptable and outright selfish. So, I stay, or I carry on despite…

I never thought I am highly motivated until I found myself in the middle of a quagmire I cannot escape from. I had to release some tears, done a lot of soul-searching, and even researching for information and tips to help me come up with a sound and unbiased decision. And no matter how difficult the road may be ahead of me, I still end up sticking around and finishing the job because that’s just how I bounce back. I have a remarkable mental resilience, and a great support system to help me get through life’s battles. 
It is important to have a mind that is resilient to any overwhelming changes and obstacles. It is difficult but it can be done. You just have to believe in yourself and throw in some self-confidence too because to be able to face all of life’s punches, you have to be tough from within.

It’s hard but it is not impossible. 

Stay strong. Believe in yourself, and carry on.

Photo credit: @dariusbashar / Unsplash.com

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