Aging is a part of life and we all want what’s best for those we love as they get older. As people age, it often becomes more difficult for them to do things around the house. While some things can be taken care of without too much extra strain on their families, like mowing the lawn once a week or assisting with occasional grocery shopping, these infrequent tasks often turn into frequent ones. When someone needs help cooking, dressing and bathing, and certainly when their safety at home becomes a concern, it is time for a more serious intervention.

Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care is quite similar to foster care for children. When an older adult becomes unable to care for themselves at home, they can be referred to a foster care program. Then, they are set up with someone who is able to provide round the clock care for them. Different programs have various setups so sometimes the elderly person will go live with a family, sometimes someone will move in with them and there are also group home like settings. Adult foster care Massachusetts also ensures the safety of your loved one.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is the most common and well-known option for those who are unable to care for themselves due to age. Assisted living has both pros and cons. It can often be expensive and crowded and oftentimes doesn’t offer a very home like environment for those who live there. There are, however, licensed nurses on staff as well as other residents with whom your loved will likely enjoy talking and socializing.

Choosing the best option for an aging loved one is a big decision and it can be a stressful and emotional time. Knowing all of your options ahead of time can make this process much easier for you and your loved one. 

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