Studio apartments are a great option for anyone who wants to spend less money on a place to live and spend less time cleaning. Despite these advantages, you will also have significantly less space for storage. Here are four organization and storage tips for maximizing your studio’s space.

Organize Your Drawers.

Whatever furniture you purchase for your studio should be organized for maximum storage usage. A dresser can be used for more than just clothes. Jewelry drawer organizers keep your accessories in one easy to reach place so no pieces are lost. Patterned letterboxes, plastic dividers, and fabric packing cubes are also excellent items for organizing the inside of your furniture.

Don’t Use the Floor…

Utilize the walls of your studio apartment, rather than the floor space for storage. Hang shelves for books and knick-knacks, instead of using bookcases and cubicle units. This way your things are off the floor, and the apartment will appear larger.

…Unless It’s Under the Bed.

The space under your bed is an excellent place for storing a variety of items, like off-season clothing, extra cleaning supplies, or office necessities. There are a lot of beds on the market that come with built-in storage, or you can purchase large flat bins that slide comfortably under most models.

Divide the Space Into “Rooms.”

In all actuality, you only have one room that makes up the studio, so dividing the space into sections can help you stay organized. This way your clothes aren’t strewn across the living room and your plates will stay in the kitchen. You can do this by hanging curtains from the ceiling or setting up privacy screens that fold away neatly.

A studio apartment can be very cost-effective, especially in a big city, so find the best one for you and make it your place to call home.

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