Whether you have completed or are just beginning a Texas EMT course, there are a few habits you may want to develop to ensure your success as an EMT.

Rules and Processes

Whether you are in school or starting your first EMT job, you will learn new rules and processes. You should not expect to set your own rules or choose not to follow processes. You may be disciplined or removed if you violate these guidelines. Understand that someone is always watching you, most of the time for your own good, especially in the beginning of your career. Your instructors and supervisors want to be sure you have the knowledge and skills you need to complete your job successfully and prevent you from making mistakes that could harm lives.


Not only do you need to arrive on time and respect your instructors, coworkers and employers, but you also need to dress and act professionally. Set aside enough time to get to class and work early. Also, speak respectfully and professionally. Avoid slang and cursing and listen before responding. Also, avoid casual clothing, such as baseball caps and jeans. Dress for the job. For example, consider wearing a jacket and slacks.


Set aside time to study and practice what you learn. Not only should you read your course materials thoroughly, but you should seek outside resources and experience to expand your knowledge and skills. Discuss the coursework with your peers to solidify it in your mind. Study groups are great opportunities for in-depth discussions. Don’t be afraid to discuss things you may not fully understand and personal experiences. Focus on developing your patient care approach and learning about your job in prehospital emergency medicine. Discussion and study groups also introduce you to teamwork, which is a significant part of an EMT job.

EMTs work in high-stress environments. By developing positive habits, you will improve your success during EMT training and on the job.

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