You’re thinking of throwing a party. Maybe it’s a wedding party with hundreds of guests coming from all over the country or maybe it’s a small birthday get-together with a few friends. No matter the occasion and no matter the size, here are three essential considerations for planning.


What will your party guests be doing? Obviously, this depends on the occasion and on who’s been invited. Whether you need a bouncy castle in Boston, MA or musical entertainment Los Angeles CA is going to be determined by the kind of party you’re throwing and who you’re throwing it for.

Food and Drink

Whatever kind of party you’re throwing, you need to provide food and drink to your guests. When people get together, they break bread. It’s a tradition going back millennia and it still applies today.


Perhaps the most important ingredient for party success is in the invitations. When you’re inviting people, you need to consider how they will interact with each other and with the activities you have planned. If you’ve got a wide guest list, then you’re going to need a broader spread than a more intimate and selective group.

A party is made up of these three very basic elements. What’s going on? What are you eating and drinking? Who will be there? The success or failure of your party depends largely on how these three elements interact. Who you invite will in part determine what you eat and what you do, and vice versa. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is this: who is the party for? If you’re throwing a party for the guests, that’s going to be very different from a party you’re throwing for yourself. Set priorities, balance your activities with your guests, and get ready to enjoy the best party you’ve thrown yet!

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