Bordered by the Great Lakes to the north and east and the Mississippi River to the west, Wisconsin is advantageously positioned for fishing. In addition to these big waters, there are plenty of good spots along smaller rivers and lakes as well. Fishing boats Cumberland WI are a common sight during the warm-weather months, and even subfreezing winter temperatures do not deter the most dedicated anglers.

1. Sturgeon Bay

The state of Wisconsin has a “thumb,” i.e., a thin peninsula in the east that extends into Lake Michigan. Sturgeon Bay is located at the base of the “thumb” and is a good place to catch salmonids, muskies, and smallmouth bass, some of which are trophy size.

2. Shawano Lake

Shawano Lake is located near Green Bay, in the northeast corner of the state. It supports quality populations of walleye, bass, and pike with its abundant weeds. Pay close attention to the buoys that mark the boat lanes that have been cleared by weed cutters maintained by the Shawano Lake Owners Association.

3. Minocqua Chain

People who are interested in fishing as one of several tourist activities on a visit to Wisconsin may want to see Minocqua Chain. It has undergone a lot of development to accommodate tourists and has become known as a top tourist destination. Many local anglers go out at night to avoid heavy traffic from pleasure watercraft during the day. They are often rewarded with bass, muskie, and walleye.

4. Big Green Lake

Like Minocqua Chain, Big Green Lake is also popular with tourists, not just fishers. Scuba divers are particularly drawn to it because of the excellent water visibility. When the weather cools, many of the other tourists may head home, but ice anglers are still out there. Many popular Wisconsin fish species call Big Green Lake home, including crappies, muskies, northern pike, and channel catfish. However, it is most famous for large trout.

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