Whether you are selling items online, moving house or even looking to buy stuff online, getting household goods shipped can often seem intimidating than it needs to be. It doesn’t have to be stressful if you leave the shipping part to the hands of reliable movers and shipping companies.  

When you have fragile items like breakable kitchenware or antiques to deliver to your buyer or vice versa, then the delivery experience can be one that’s nail-biting. From the moment the sale is sealed and payment made to the moment the item is in transit, you can’t stop worrying about the safety of the item and whether it would reach you safely or get lost in transit.

Searching for the right fragile item or household goods delivery service can be time-consuming as you search through tens and hundreds of web pages or ask around from friends or social media pages.   On Shiply, you simply have to enter a few simple details about your household items and hundreds of rated shipping companies will send you quotes, often up to 75% cheaper than usual. You can then do a price comparison and select the one that offers the best deals that meet your requirements.

The cost of shipping household goods will vary based on a number of factors. These are the factors that can affect the cost of your quotes:


Item size


Locations Of Pickup And Delivery 

Time Of The Year 

Preparing For Your Household Goods To Be Shipped

Once you have selected a shipping company to deliver your household goods, you need to prepare the items for pick up:

Cleaning And Photographing – It is a good idea to clean your item and photograph it before it is picked up to keep a record of its condition and to help ascertain again if damage has occurred during transit. 

Working Condition – Ensure that the item that you are shipping is in perfect working condition by testing it prior to handling it to the shipping company. This will allow you to determine if any damages have occurred in transit.

Packing – Always ensure that the item is wrapped securely and protected before they are being transported.  Use proper packing materials like bubble wrap, shrink wrap or glassine paper. If additional protection is required such as a pallet, do discuss the packing details with your chosen shipping company.

What You Should Do After Receiving The Household Item

Once the item has been delivered, it’s important that you check the condition the moment you receive the parcel. Compare the images before pickup to compare, check the workability of the item and if any discrepancy is found, raise it with your shipping company immediately, backed up with photos where necessary.

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