Everybody in your circle has their partners except you. Are you tired being the third wheel in the group? Is your self-confidence getting affected because you are still unattached? Well, it may be nice to have someone woe you but it is not the end-all and be-all of your existence, ladies.

I always believe that guys will always put their best foot forward and once you become exclusive, things usually don’t last as what we have hoped for. And what was shown earlier while being wooed was all just a show. This is a general fact. I have seen this happen many times to myself, and to other ladies I know. It’s not nice but it happens quite regularly.

So, for the ladies out there who are still single, don’t be sad. These are tips to help you live life whether a person is dotting for you or not.

Enjoy your single life

“I wish I married late so I could enjoy my single life longer.” I have heard this many times already from my relatives who have been married for a long time. I remember relatives telling me before not to rush on a relationship or marriage and to enjoy single blessedness. Life just gets a bit complicated when you are hooked with another person because what you used to do alone will now have to accommodate someone. If you are the type who doesn’t mind adjusting to accommodate someone in your schedule (and life!) then having a partner may be a good thing for you. But for other ladies out there who are still looking and couldn’t seem to find the right one or even be noticed by someone they like then focus on enjoying your life now with more freedom.

Improve yourself

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So what if you are still single? Is it the end of the world? Certainly not. There are many things you can do without dealing with another person in your life. Focus on yourself by improving or making yourself better. Learn new skills. Volunteer in your community. Take care of your young relatives. Engage in the community outreach programs of your town. Take up a part-time job. Make crafts. Bake goodies. Sew clothes. Read a book. Start an online business. Create a vlog. Do tutorials in YouTube. The list can go on and on! You don’t need someone to make yourself feel good. It is all on you.

Stay healthy and fit

Focus on building a healthy mind, and body. Feed yourself with nutritious and healthy food. Do regular exercise to keep your body fit and build your stamina, endurance, and even immune system to stay healthy, and keep medical bills at bay.

Travel with like-minded friends

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Feed the wanderlust in you (if you love traveling). Go out with like-minded travel buddies and explore the world as much as you can in your own pace and time. Remember, you are single and you are not bound to anyone unless you are supporting your parents or have young relatives to mind. But hey, you also need to live your life to the best way you can. And if traveling feeds your soul, go far! Go wide!

Own a pet

Keep a fur baby as a company. They are loyal, loving, sweet, and extra cuddly too. They keep the blues away, and they help you also keep fit by walking or exercising them regularly.

Treat your young relatives out

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Be the favorite auntie of the crowd! When you are free or off from work and have enough time to spare, take your small nephews and nieces or even young cousins out for the day and treat them. You don’t have to splurge or anything, maybe a nice bonding time at the ice cream parlor or just a quick trip to the park for a nice picnic and run around.

Being single is actually a blessing. I want to think that the only missing is a partner that is actually an option. You can live your life unattached, uncompromised, and independently. You are you. So you do you. Chin up!

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