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Are you planning a Sweet 16 party soon? Follow this guide for three great ideas to give your party that unique twist. From a classic to an adventure, take advantage of some of the amazing locations available for the perfect event.  

The Classic 

For those seeking a classic party, try using banquet halls Hammond to create an exciting event with a traditional feel. The best part of a classic Sweet 16 venue is the ability to personalize the party, such as a themed event that matches your interest. This could be Hollywood glamour, arcade, under the sea, sports or even the tropics. Banquet halls give you flexibility with on-site facilities and services to support your vision and make your party a success.   

The Unique 

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If you are looking for a unique venue, then consider one of the more uncommon options, including museums, zoos or gardens. By taking advantage of these locations, you can take create a truly spectacular event. Before booking, take the time to consider the number of guests as some of these spaces cater to large crowds, and may feel limiting for those looking for a more intimate event.  With an extraordinary venue selected, you can create a perfect party to celebrate your day.   

The Adventure 

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Sometimes one day is not enough to celebrate your birthday. Thankfully sites like Airbnb have you covered with private island rentals. For a birthday weekend extravaganza, consider booking a private location to spend a few days to celebrate. Before you book, consider the dates and transportation costs. With your island rented, you can enjoy a luxurious private birthday weekend with your nearest and dearest friends. Don’t forget to plan for your meals while there, to ensure a perfect weekend away. 

Make your party the one to remember with an incredible event at an amazing location.  Remember, you only turn 16 once.  

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