As you may be reading this, you may be starting your journey as a new parent — congratulations! Growing your family can be one of the best, and sometimes stressful, times of your life. As you inch closer and closer to your due date, there may be some things you’re wondering about, or contemplating on getting. Yet, you may not want to spend hundreds, if not thousands on baby items if you don’t have to. 

As parents, it’s natural to want to give your baby the world. You may want to spend endless amounts of money on the best stroller or baby clothes to get them from point A to point B in style. Studies even show that by 2025, the baby market may be as high as $16.78 billion dollar industry. But, you can spoil your little one without having to spend a fortune. Keep reading for Mint’s go to tips and printables that can help you keep your financial goals in check, and done in style! 

Pay Off What You Can Before the Baby Arrives

To start prepping for the big change, start with your finances. If you’re able to, focus as much of your efforts towards paying off any debt that may have taken the backburner. This could be student loans, car debt, or even credit cards that racked up a little too high. As expanding your family can expand your budget, try and free up some extra space before doing so. Print out our stroller debt payoff tracker to keep your eyes on the prize. 

Prioritize Your Pre-Deliver Purchases

When you go into labor, there are many different things that could happen. You could be there for only a few hours to a few days. To ensure you and your little family has everything you need, start prepping a little early! Print out our checklist, purchase what you need, and pack everything at least a few months in advance to ensure you aren’t scrambling once the time comes. 

Go Easy On Yourself

This time can be overwhelming and stressful, but oh so joyful — go easy on yourself. Especially after you’ve made it home after the delivery, make sure to put you, your body, and your families health first. Print out our achievement stickers and tape them up where you can see them everytime you and your family do something worth celebrating. Honestly, even putting on jeans at this point is more than enough!

Trade Babysitting With Your Friends

If you’re tight on your budget, or want to have someone you trust watch your baby, check in with your loved ones. This could be your closest friends, family on both sides, or even your super close neighbor right across the street. While you’re spending a couple of hours away, make sure you keep tabs on your baby. Print out our baby health tracker to ensure everything is still right on schedule. 

Recruit a Friend Photographer

Babies grow up fast — faster than any of us can believe. To keep track of your little ones growth, take pictures frequently! Ask one of your closest friends to snap a few baby pictures when they come over to check on you for moments to look back on. Take it a step further and print out our time tracking printable photo features to remember how old your little one was when the picture was taken. 

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