Before this pandemic went into overdrive early this year, I had the opportunity to be called in an assessment. It is an assessment I have waited for so long, and even prayed for because the job is exciting, and I will be on my toes doing the tasks in that position. However, I was already culled in the first round which was written test. I am not being arrogant but this was the very first time it has happened to me. In all my job applications that resulted to being called for the application process, I always reached the final interview all the way to the top management. The only thing where I usually fail is either they already have someone in mind and it was just some formalities, or I wasn’t cut out for it. Whatever the reasons are, I still felt good even if I didn’t get selected. The mere fact I shook up the competition by reaching that far is a testament of my performance and capabilities. But for this last assessment, it was very different. I was disappointed. I cried for weeks until I got tired.

Months have passed, and I look back on the rejection that affected my motivation and self-confidence in the process. I cannot help but be thankful for letting God take the rein, and taking away the one thing that I thought was good for me.

I look at the people doing the job I wanted to do and I don’t see them happy. I mean, maybe they are. Maybe they are not. They’re just good in hiding it. But for me, I am happy again. I may have been sidetracked, and offered major rejection but I believe God has a better gift for me up His sleeves. I just have to trust Him in the process. Not getting that post is surely a blessing in disguise.

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