We are almost nearing half of 2020 in a few days. What have we achieved so far in the resolutions we had prepared before 2020 came? I honestly haven’t even progressed much in any of the goals I have set for myself. I got sidelined by this vicious COVID-19. One fine day, I was just preparing plans for my vacation leaves and where to go, and budgeting for the whole of 2020 to be able to start a mini-business I have been cooking for so long. But I didn’t get anywhere close to even fulfilling one goal. I am beginning to feel that this whole pandemic stole almost half of my 2020 away. I am stuck.

Things are changing in a way we are forced to accept and adapt. These changes are frightening, challenging, worrisome, and definitely not exciting. Perhaps for some people who have been very wise with many aspects in their lives, would see this particular pandemic an opportunity in many ways to earn extra, to learn new things, to update skills, to soul-search, to be close to family, and many more. But for some, the pandemic is a reminder of how susceptible everyone is – rich or not.

I want to be positive but at the same time, I am also being true to myself. I am scared, big time. I am scared for my health, for my family, for my friends, for our job securities, for our future, for the world. I am scared because this pandemic changed the world in an unprecedented way. One day, we were all enjoying New Year, and now, we wonder how the rest of 2020 will unfold as we move towards the 2nd half of the year.

Things are changing. I can only pray for God’s Divine protection for everyone.

They say change is good. Right now, I am not seeing it.

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