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If you have never been to the larger than life state of Texas, then it is time to start planning your first adventure in Texas. With lots of large cities, tons of attractions and sites to see, and mild to hot weather year-round, you will have a great family vacation planned in no time. Here are three tips to enjoy Texas with your family.

When to Visit

Texas will have plenty for you to see and do regardless of what time of year you come, but for some ideal weather plan your visit in March or April. This shoulder season gives you warm weather after winter but not oppressively hot or humid like the summer months. Another perk of visiting during the spring is the beautiful wildflowers in full bloom.

Attractions to Consider

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Since Texas is so large you can plan on needing a car to get around and focus on one major city or metropolitan area if you are traveling for a few days. If you are planning a longer trip, then making a couple of stops in different areas is doable. Research popular and hidden gems of attractions and spots in the area you choose. Some popular areas to visit include Waco, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas-Forth Worth area, Rockport, South Padre Island, Fredericksburg or Corpus Christi.

Eat Your Heart Out

Texas has many different cuisines but some of the most popular are its BBQ and Tex-Mex food. When you are traveling with children finding a family-friendly restaurant Fredericksburg TX is key, and thankfully with BBQ and Tex-Mex, you will find an abundance of casual dining options. One thing guaranteed during your stay in Texas is true Southern hospitality.

Everything is bigger in Texas so expect a big vacation when you travel there. Visiting in the spring and finding one or two main locations to visit while making sure to indulge in the delicious Texas cuisine will have you planning a visit back in no time.

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