Chances are that you’re familiar with the names of various cuts of beef from eating at a steakhouse or shopping at a grocery store. What may not be as familiar is where those cuts come from or why they are even different. Not all beef cuts are created equal. The body of cattle is divided into sections to help classify based on meat properties. For example, the shoulder and leg areas produce a tougher cut of beef as there is more muscle activity in those areas. Below are some of the more common cuts you would find from Wagyu cattle Oklahoma City.


Chuck comes from areas that surround the neck and shoulder areas. There are strong muscles in that area so it produces a tough cut of beef. The benefit is that it can be utilized for several dishes. The most common of these is the backyard burger.


This comes from the chest area of the cattle and is a flavorful cut of beef. However, it is also very dependent on cooking method. It takes a lot of time at low temperature in order to tenderize brisket properly.


The sirloin region is a large area of meat at the hindquarters and is therefore divided into top and bottom areas. Both cuts have a lot of versatility but are commonly made into steaks that are cooked by grilling.


As its name suggests, this cut of beef is the most tender you will find. Located at the rear of the animal and sandwiched between the sirloins, this low-work area makes for a soft and delectable steak.

Filet Mignon

Technically located within the tenderloin region, filet mignon is the pinnacle of beef cuts. By being extremely tender and flavorful in addition to being just a small portion of meat, it typically commands the highest price.

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