Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

Have you wondered how “normal” will de defined after this Corona Virus pandemic? Do you think we will be back to the way we used to be pre-COVID? I can’t help but ponder at night, wondering what will life be when we all get through this pandemic. I know it is not my problem to solve the problems of the world, but I cannot shut off my brain from thinking much. I know it is bad but I can’t help it.

There is uncertainty looming much as I try to think of the silver linings. I don’t know if life will be better or not after the virus is gone or a cure/vaccine is found. Until then, I cannot help but wonder of what-ifs and could only hope and pray that the “new normal” will be better because we all learned from our mistakes. And hopefully, when the last COVID patient recovers, and the WHO announces the end of the emic, people will learn to be more compassionate, not just for themselves and their families, but for everyone, including the animals, and nature. And that, once we all get through this, we value each and every one. and that everyone is important as the other one. Wouldn’t that be a nice “new normal” to wake up to?

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