For many seniors, the winding up years can be the most difficult emotionally. Their spouse may have passed away, they may be living away from family members, and they may feel unsecure about living on their own. But there are things that you as their friend or loved one can do to help the elderly feel more content and happy.

Constant Care

Some seniors may need to be moved to an assisted living center in order to be kept safe and well–cared for. For those who are still able for the most part, to get around in their own home may just require the kind of senior home care Floral Park NY residents depend on. Home care can offer safety and healthcare in the comfort of their own home.


No one likes to feel alone, especially senior citizens. The best thing you can do for your elderly loved one is to spend some time together. Bring in a meal and stay to eat with them. Take them for a ride and stop for a hamburger or ice cream cone. There are so many ways to help seniors feel important and happy – be creative and committed.


It is every bit as important to maintain good health in old age as it is for anyone else. Make sure your loved one is set up with groceries that include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Protein is also very important. If supplements are needed make sure they get those as well. A grocery delivery service is very helpful, but even better if someone they know brings the groceries in and checks on them.

Senior citizens are the foundation of society. They are the treasured past and it is the responsibility of the family and friends who love them to make sure that they can enjoy a happy, safe and independent life for as long as possible.

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