Infusing your wedding with a cohesive theme is a great way to ensure your wedding is memorable not only to you but also to your guests.  When planning for your special day, make sure to include details that complement each other and tie the theme into every aspect of your wedding.

Include Thematic Details in the Bouquet

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Choosing flower colors and wrapping ribbon to match your wedding theme is simple.  However, a greater opportunity lies within the bouquet to incorporate your theme.  Consider adding a charm to the outside of the ribbon wrap or including themed additions within the bouquet itself that aren’t flowers. Make sure to search the internet for something like wedding bouquet Saint Louis MO for inspirational ideas.

Imbue the Theme Into Food and Drinks

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Consider drink and food colorings as part of the theme.  Serving items cut into cute shapes that tie into the theme adds a unique and personal touch.  Presenting a signature cocktail with a color that matches the theme is another cute and easy idea.  Don’t forget about the menu cards!  Adding graphics and picking a font that coordinates with your theme is a simple way to infuse more of your theme into your special day.

Incorporate the Theme in the Favors

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Have fun with the wedding favors by letting your theme inspire your choices.  Gifting seed packets for a garden theme wedding is fun and unique.  Sparklers in your wedding colors are great for an art deco themed wedding. Whatever your theme might be, wedding favors provide a great opportunity to fully incorporate your theme and personality. 

There is a multitude of details within a wedding that provide you with unique opportunities to infuse your wedding theme.  Pay attention to your choices and consider how each option can provide a more cohesive feel for the event.

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